Franklin K. Wyman, Esq.

Admitted to the New Jersey Bar in 1985, Franklin K. Wyman, Esq. concentrates in the following practice areas: disability, real estate, business and tax advice. Significantly, Mr. Wyman also holds a Doctoral degree specializing in Disability Studies. Our firm has many years of experience taking on these cases and will help you from the beginning through each stage of the legal process. We always give the personalized service you deserve.

1. Real Estate

We are experts in house closings, commercial/ residential leases for both landlord & tenant; purchase and sale of commercial property.

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2. Business Law

We offer specialist services on formation of new businesses, whether corporations, LLCs or other forms.

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3. Wills & Trust Law

We specialize in wills, trusts, powers or attorney and advance directives for health care (also called living wills).

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4. General Tax Advice

We provide expert advice on tax matters tailored to your individual needs to help you get the most out of your tax returns.

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